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Strategic Consulting

Our long experience in various sectors of corporate operation and the economy gives us the advantage of understanding the client’s needs in time and finding solutions that best cover them. 

To this aim, we:

  • Monitor developments systematically and interpret changes in the wider environment

  • Adopt a 360-degree approach in our strategies

  • Take advantage of all possibilities and opportunities so as to maximise results to the client’s benefit 

Our services include the following sectors:



  • Assessment of the organisation’s Resilience maturity level through specific methodologies and a Health Check Model Review

  • Development of Business Continuity Management policies and procedures

  • Business Continuity (BC) plan development

  • Employee awareness campaigns on BC matters

  • Testing and Exercising Programme development

  • Crisis and Reputation crisis management




  • Corporate Communication and publicity strategies and tactics development with KPIs 

  • Creation of main and supporting messages

  • Fact sheet creation

  • Media Relations development

  • Press releases and announcements -  Q&As

  • Press kit creation

  • Organisation of 1-to-1 interviews for executives

  • Press conferences / organisation of press assignments, etc.

  • Consistent and Systematic online/offline publicity monitoring 

  • Drafting of evaluation reports  

  • Drafting of corporate comms guidelines



  • Development of integrated marketing plans (including digital marketing ) with relevant KPIs

  • Supervision of and/or implementation of  integrated marketing plans following client consultation



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