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Our Company

We have served for many decades as Executives for big companies, having travelled many miles of successful professional course, with many distinctions for our clients. 

Practicing the saying ‘the best a person can do is help another person learn more’, at some point we decided to cross over to the ‘other side’.


Today, we help clients strategically, offering consulting services in our areas of expertise and distinction, such as Resilience, Communications, Marketing, and Professional Education. We have great experience in fast-moving consumer goods, telecommunications, high technology, and professional training, as well as the project management of large-scale cultural and sports events, with the Athens 2004 Olympic Games mega project as our high point. 

Developments are now moving at an accelerated pace, while the environment becomes more and more unpredictable; therefore, we felt obliged to expand our services into providing professional information through specialized conferences in specific critical sectors which we have delved in for more than 15 years and are now proved of paramount importance. 

In the last six years, we have organized conferences focused on Business Continuity and Resilience. 


Our aim is to raise awareness in public bodies, businesses and executives regarding the significance and value of preparedness and readiness towards unpredictable events that could even cost them their viability. 


Our services now include a new project that complements the provision of professional information with the training and education of contemporary businesspeople. 

We believe the future belongs to those who acquire new skills and, most importantly, can combine them creatively. The pandemic has been a digital accelerator, highlighting the importance of e-learning. To respond to this new development, we have created


Mindbooster is a series of online webinars conducted via an LMS platform. In these webinars, renowned professionals of the market and the academic community share with participants their knowledge, their unique practical experience, as well as work secrets and tips to meet contemporary reskilling και upskilling needs in vital sectors.

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